August 04, 2017

New Day Has Come, Samarinda

 assalamualaikum.. start from now (august 2017) I officially move to Samarinda. After about 4 years in Banjarbaru, it feels so blue wh...
April 12, 2017

6 Ide Kado Pria usia 40+

Assalamu'alaikum.. Orang bilang,  usia pria baru di mulai ketika usia 40 tahun. Dimana di usia tersebut,  proses pencarian jati diri...
March 01, 2017

took an Ielts Test

last January, I took IELTS test in Makassar. this is for getting IELTS score of course. you know this is the first time for me and I never ...
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