forgiven not forgotten, just ignore

For latest few days I have just got a job for mentioning my ex-boyfriend in my social media. some friends thought that this job was too high risk, for me also. but I take it, I mention my husband hahaha. he is my ex-boyfriend, right? how about you if you be me.

dont talk about the ex

As a buzzer, of course, we have to ready for all briefing review that they were given. but, we need to filter too. which one that high risk, which one were safe. we need to comparing, between our fee and our risk, is that fair?

I ever reject a job because that product does not consist with my religion rule. job for buzzer does not always talk about fee, popularity, and marketing. but also talk about our pride, talk about future. what future? yes, if someday our kids or our grandson saw our job in social media, what they will think about us. this is important for me, cause that I always filtering my job by asking my husband. he gives permitted or not, this is good or not.

okay, talk about the ex-boyfriend. a lot of my buzzer friend agreed that so many of us, can not forget her ex-boyfriend. yes, we move on anyway but it does not mean were forgotten. so, you know in Indonesia often talk "Baper" mean affected the feeling, they choose to ignore that job.  even we have our own life we forgive him, it does not mean we forgot. but talking about ex-boyfriend can bring the terrible mood to our spouse, it happens to us also if we saw ex-girlfriend from our spouse. so, for having the peaceful home, then we choose to do not talk or touch or remember all about ex. that was no proud to talk about our the ex, right? the ex only part of our used to.

forgiven not forgotten, or forgiven and ignore, it is all up to you


  1. Couldnt agree more. Its not always about how much the fee is, but also how it will affect our lives, ya, mba Rul...

  2. Segala sesuatu memang perlu pertimbangan dalam mengambil job yang ditawarkan, mba. Agree :)

    1. Yah pd akhirnya itu jadi keharusan ya mba. Demi kenyamanan hidup

  3. Think I kind of understand what you mean..
    Actually, job is not just a job...
    It's what we do almost everyday..

    So how it influence us and what impact it gives to us must be truly considered before we take it..

    Anyway, good luck..


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