took an Ielts Test

last January, I took IELTS test in Makassar. this is for getting IELTS score of course. you know this is the first time for me and I never take preparation test befoe. I was so nervous at that time. how about you

it took about 5-6 hours with an hour for lunch and pray time. after finish the test I'm crying, hahaha it seem so childish, Indonesian said this is lebay. if one day you got the first test like me, you will know how much I feeling stress.

for the listening test, it is hard. I really focus with that sounds for the first. but time by time, it is harder and harder, then i lost the topic. hahaha.. okey forget it. lets go to the next test

reading, from all English test. i always don't like reading. I got a headache if I should read to many paragraphs at one time. I know this is my weakness, same like when I took Toefl test. my score always worst in reading. not only because I don't like reading, but also because my vocabulary was so bad.

then, the 3rd test in IELTS is writing. as a blogger and content writer, of course, i really like writing. it makes sense why my score for writing is the highest. highest from other test doesn't mean I have a really good score but at least it makes me happier.

the last test is conversation or speaking test by the native speaker. this is the climax for I feeling nervous totally. fortunately, the native speaker was so kind, full of smile and give me a spirit to talk and answer immediately after he asked. he talked some sentences and asked me about music in our life, this is so hommy conversation.

so, you wanna try ielts test?


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