New Day Has Come, Samarinda


start from now (august 2017) I officially move to Samarinda. After about 4 years in Banjarbaru, it feels so blue when I decide to move following my husband, stay in Samarinda. I don't know it will be a long journey in here, or no, only God knows. Just let it flow, right? 

Welcome to East Kalimantan

In the first day, the day looks cloudy, fresh and little cold in here. overall I feel comfort with the weather. but i'm not really comfort with my neighbourhood. looks strange, yeah of course, because it's new condition for me, hope I can adapt faster.

you know, finally, me and my hubby, we can live together again after a year having long distance marriage. there are some of my blogposts talk about my survive become a single mom without my husband stay beside me. so, it is over now. am I happy? of course, but on the other side, I can't lie to my self that I really hard to leave my comfort zone in Banjarbaru. furthermore, my parent and my best friends were staying there. I'll be missing them so much, more than I can say.

welcome my new day, new home, new life, and new experience.
Alot of new stories will be held in here


  1. Semoga betah di tempat yang baru ya :)

  2. Belum pernah ke sana. Pengen ikut wkwk

  3. Semoga betah dan cepat beradaptasi ya mbak.. semoga hari2nya makin menyenangkan ditempat bbaru.. Salam kenal dari Aceh ^^


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