Objek Wisata Seru di Jakarta Untuk Temani Liburan Akhir Pekan

Memilih objek wisata di Jakarta 

untuk akhir pekan

Hai Guys, Ada begitu banyak tempat wisata menarik di Jakarta, mulai dari wisata alam, wisata sejarah, wisata budaya hingga taman rekreasi. Jika kalian merasa penat karena bekerja seharian dan sedang butuh waktu rehat tapi tak punya banyak waktu libur, maka pilihan terbaik tentu donk berwisata saat libur akhir pekan di beberapa spot wisata terbaik di ibukota. 

Liburan ke Bali "Like a local" dengan Traveloka Xperience

Sensasi liburan Like a local
Traveloka Xperience

Sudah dua kali berlibur ke Bali, tapi kenapa selalu masih berasa ada kurang? Kurang bersyukur dan memang traveling addict? Bukan, bukan karena itu. Karena sudah jatuh cinta dengan tanah Bali? Tidak juga. Satu rasa yang belum terasa merasuk ketika ke Bali adalah perasaan sebagai penduduk lokal yang membuat hatiku belum selesai tentang Bali.

Tips to get the best deal on Black Friday Online Sale 2019

Big sale black friday 2019

Hi guys,
Welcome back to my personal blog. All right, today I will discuss the black Friday celebration which according to information will take place on November 29th 2019. for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the term black Friday, okay I'll tell you a little about its history.

You all already know about Thanksgiving, right? If you don't know yet, you have to googling immediately. Well, black Friday is part of the thanksgiving celebration party where black Friday usually takes place a week after thanksgiving itself which is a shopping sale event in almost shopping centres. various necessities of daily life are in big sale. Such as home appliances, electronics, fashion and beauty, and the most awaited are smartphones and game consoles.

Both online and offline stores have prepared their products to welcome black Friday with low prices and best seller products. All are happy to welcome the massive sale which is held once a year.  Yeah, its time for shop till drop, guys.

Black Friday celebrations were so awaited in the US and most of Europe. In Asia, black Friday celebrations are not that popular but at the same time generally, sellers also provide large-scale sales which are named national online shopping days which are usually held on November 11th (11.11) or December 12th (12.12). the online and offline store also preparing their store for the big sale. In Indonesia, usually called "Hari Belanja Online Nasional"

Okay, now I'll share some tips for hunting gadgets or electronics by online at the Black Friday celebration party that makes it easy for you to get the best deal price:

1. Know what you need
make sure you know what product you need right now. for example, if you want to buy Tv. So, how many inches your television needs, Oled or Qled screen?
If you need a smartphone then you need how many inches the screen is, how many megapixels the camera is, and how much the memory. Make sure in detail, do not let you buy that is not according to your needs and make a priority scale. Hunt for the products you need most first then continues with other needs after the main needs.

2. how much budget do you have?
it is very important to check your bank account and ascertain how much money you can spend on this black Friday party. don't over-budget for shopping, make your own limit. Don't be kidding with your saving, okay?

3. Select the store that provides the best deal for the product you are looking for.
You should find out ahead of time which store you will go to for the product you want the most. Prepare at least 2-3 online stores or e-commerce that will be hunted. Compare the price and how many items are available.

4. Time for hunting
Know the time for hunting, when the queue is open, when is the auction or flash deal that you've been waiting for. Do not let you miss the wrong time or missed a minute. Items with the best deal can lost from your target in minutes if you make a mistake.

5. Best internet connection
Make sure your internet service is in best performance, you have paid the bill and there are no connection obstacles even if the weather is not friendly or the internet connection will burst to the destination online store.

6. Prepare the best gadget
Online hunting certainly has to use a gadget with the best performance. if you want to shop with smartphones, then also prepare a notebook or tablet online when the online sale on black Friday. Dont forget to charge the battery first.

7. Healthy body and fresh eyes
Hunting online requires high focus and accuracy. therefore make sure you have enough rest, enough food, and good health. Before the best deal is opened, make sure you don't go to the toilet anymore and aren't sleepy.

8. How much you can save?
Calculate accurately, how much can you save by joining the deal. if the benefits saved don't match with your sacrifice when fighting for it, you better turn your attention to queuing for other more valuable products.

9. Recheck point 1 to 8
the day before Black Friday arrives, make sure you check all points 1-8 carefully. Provide important notes for that.

That was 9 important tips for hunting your favourite products at the Black Friday event that will take place shortly.

Still confused about what products to buy? I have a list of products that will slam the price and you should hurry up on black Friday this time. Please check this Black Friday link, recommended for you.

Well hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are already looking forward to this Black Friday moment. Hopefully, you get the product you dream of. Good luck and see ya