5 Most Effective Tips to Find a Job

find a perfect job

Working is a must for everyone to survive in this world. Starting with the end goal is one of the keys to get the job we really want. Not all jobs match the qualifications and competencies that we have. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing the right job in the future. You can get 5 most effective ways to find a job here!

1. Talk to Family and Friends
Everyone has family and friends. They are a big opportunity for you to get information about job vacancies. You can ask your family regarding the company’s needs for employees if anything is suitable for your field. Usually, companies will have more confidence if their employees are recommending them. Close recruitment can save time and effort and mitigate risks to new employees. If you manage to get a job, it also makes a great gift for your family and friends

2. Networking and Referrals
Networking is also commonly known as the hidden job market. Some great jobs are never advertised because companies rely on their connections to find the best candidates. In addition, some employees will also receive a one-time incentive for referring a successful candidate to the company. This is very profitable because the company gets competent employees, you find a job and your friends get incentives.

Networking to find a job

3. Apply for the Internship Program
The internship program is a great choice for students or fresh graduates to have work experience. The companies usually have an agreement with the campus for the students to get the opportunity to do an internship program for several months. After that, the graduate students also can work permanently in the company based on their performances and company needs.

4. Discuss with the Career Center in Your Campus
Colleges are a great place to ask for jobs. There are even many job fairs that are held on campus in collaboration with various national and multinational companies. Colleges usually have a career center to help students find jobs based on their fields. If alumni find good jobs, the campus will also get better public recognition.

5. Be Your Own Boss
If you feel that you are not suitable to work for a company then you can create your own company. You can become your own boss and hire employees. You can work for your own company with your goals and dream.
Starting your business or startup can give you the chance to develop your skills. Nowadays, there are some programs to help startups for raising capital with the synergy of campus, company, and government.

The dynamics of the world of work in the digital era provide its own challenges for job seekers. Finding your dream job needs multitalented skills. Therefore, you need an effective way and a good strategy to find a job. Never let yourself broken heart when you fail to get a job, just focus on continuing to improve yourself to be better.
Researching of dream jobs that will match with your field is good to start. Then, you can ask people who the specialists in that field and know their experience will lead you to get a better job with a clear goal in your career life.

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  1. I found a job because my friends recokmendation and i got it.


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