8 Important Things to Consider in a Food Business

Important things for food and baverages Business
Hai Guys, how's your day yesterday? today i will take a little talk about food business. So, do you like to eat? like to cook? not all people who are good at cooking will succeed in the food and beverage business. because of that besides being proficient at cooking, of course, you also have skill at doing business

It is not easy to manage the finances of a business, therefore, we must at least have a few simple skills regarding credit or debit in finance, market taste in the food business, etc. Even though it sounds difficult, it doesn't mean we have to cancel our plan, right? we will be able to start if we know what important point that we have to look at when going into the food and beverages business.

1. How to maintain the taste
So sad but true, so many customers leave their favourite places to eat because of the taste changes. therefore if you already have the main recipe, don't forget to take notes and never change them. never try to change the recipe, if you get the notes of the recipe from your grandma, hehe... it doesn't work at all, because they must be tried the menu for several years. if you want to innovate, it's better to add a menu than to change what already exists. Especially if the menu is a characteristic of the restaurant you have.

2. Focus on a few variants first
To start a food business, it would be nice for you to focus on one or a few types of food for the first, to become a distinctive feature of the restaurant. For example, You can start the main focus is on Bakery, or western food or Traditional food. it also the same task for beverages, don't selling too many variants when you start. a few tasty variants will certainly be preferred over many types of foods that are not original and not tasty. for example, like the Aqua mineral water brand, they focus only on mineral water for decades and then create flavoured beverage innovations after years. having identity or branding is very important.

3. Stable price
Many people have a favourite restaurant, not only because it tastes good. but also a friendly price for our wallet. unstable raw material prices must make us able to maintain the selling price. because after all, people's purchasing ability is very influential also on our income.

4. use quality ingredients
even though your cuisine is delicious. keep using quality ingredients, never use bad raw material for baking or cooking. Because it will highlight strong branding and public trust in quality food.

5. learn about the restaurant business financial system
you don't need to be an economics graduate to have business knowledge. but literally, you have to know how to calculate sales profits. even though you have employees, it would be better to manage your finances if you know about credit-debt in your business financial journal, right?
You can study by taking financial short courses, accounting books, or through news portals on the internet, then try to practice your knowledge starts from a simple transaction, and then just apply them to the real conditions.

6. Recognize market tastes
what types of food are being enjoyed by the people today? try to innovate following the market tastes. with a note, never changed your original menu.

7. Have a lot of friends
Many friends, of course, will expand your market. Good friends will be happy to eat at your restaurant, taste it and give you advice if there is something that needs to be improved. A lot of friends will also help promote your restaurant by word of mouth.

8. Use social media
Nowadays social media plays a big part in the promotion. So also for food beverage businesses. especially if added with an Instagramable place. It will quickly spread on social media. You also can use blogger or selebgram for promotion and people will compete to come there. Social media also makes it easy for visitors to contact the business owner and provide complaints and suggestions.

well, that's 8 things that might be an important consideration when you will start a food and beverage business. if you have other points to add here, feel free to tell me. I will add in the points in this article. please share your opinion


  1. What about the filoshopy of ur business? Something like ur sense of serve many people..or Making everyone happy with ur menu.

    1. Hmmm.. I never thinking about that before. Let me think first.. Maybe "i will serve my best with love" hahaha

  2. Bahan yang berkualitas ini loh mba memang perlu banget buat yang mah berbisnis makanan. Mahal di modal sih memang, tapi kembali lagi kalau punya banyak jaringan teman dan sosial media pastinya pemasaran produk dengan harga mahak n delicious pasti dapat dipermudah ya..

    1. Iya kadang kalo di rubah, pelanggan bisa pergi karena rasanya beda

  3. Don't forget, you need the x factor, the lucky. Oh and the spirit to.

    1. Hmmm.. You right.. The x factor from God... It must be the one


  4. point number 8, I fully agree. and where Instagram is very popular now..

    1. Hahaha.. Yes.. Instagram is very popular for marketing

  5. I wanna try.... I wanna try... Culinary bussiness is profitable. Thank for tips and sugestions. It is very helpful.

  6. Kalo sekarang, sosial media memang nomor 1 buat memasarkan segala bisnis sih selain yg utama rasa sama harga juga pastinya yg harus stabil.


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