Hai there.. time to curhat...
This is my second post in English. I will  talk about a night at Makassar last week. It still talks about my struggle to reach my dream.

Suddenly, my husband suddenly got a bussines trip at Makassar for a night and he asked me to accompany him. At the same time i wanted to go to Jakarta to join IDP jakarta education fair. Of course I choose my husband. Because I can  find IDP branch office at Makassar. Then I found Miss Ovy as contact person of IDP counselor in google. Next, I make an appointment with her for saturday. Actually, IDP did not open at saturday, but alhamdulillah Miss Ovy dont mind to meet me.

I thinked that I will have time for walking around at Makassar after dating. But you know what. My flight was delayed, from 16:20 until magrib time. I went on 18.00 leaving for Makasar and arrived at 22.30. I was so tired.

Next day, Miss Ovy ask me to meet him at 11.00-15.00 at IDP's event. But My husband have bussines meeting until 13.30. I was getting so bored worried at my hotel room since morning. 

We just went to meet Miss Ovy at 14.00 and she was leaving the event 10 minutes before i got there. You know, i was crying at the taxi hahaha, i felt upset to my husband, 'why took you so long', i said. My husband was feeling guilty and ask me for negotiable Miss Ovy to meet up.

Alhamdulillah Miss Ovy once again give me one more chance to met her at pancious-trans studio mall.  and she was giving me some counseling at that time. I think besode a councelor, miss ovy also a good motivator. You know, i was so happy.. Because i met a kind councelor and also walking around that mall, yeah.. after hours of boring time.. haha woman instict.

You know, for the first time i met her, she is wearing syari style, she was wearing long hijab and so polite, she looked so muslimah. In my mind, i thought that she had western style..hehehe, so sorry Miss Ovy. You were such a sweet person actually. She was so great counselor that i think. I hope that  one day i can make testimonial for her. I knew our dress never prevent us to get various job.

Again, i met a person who gave me spirit to apply to university. She told me 'don't worry with your occupation', as long i had good motivation why they can give me scholarship? She said, 'where have you been' ? Why you just want to apply now ? Hehehe.. you know how hard for me to start it, then i start it now from zero.

She explained to me how the IDP helping people for getting LOA (letter of acceptance) at university around UK, Oz & NZ. Yes, maybe you can guess which country that i will choose next. And for the counseling closing, i give her some documents for apply, i mean i'm not joking to do this step right? 

After that, the time was up. I had no time to walking around makassar cause night is coming. So i've just took midnight date on cinemas. 
It was so short trip and i came back home next day morning. I promise i'll be back soon.. Wait for me Miss Ovy.. can't wait to meet you again.


  1. Nice post, sis. I know that your husband is an unchangeable person for you.

  2. Thank you Mr.Mirwan, you knew it so well ^^

  3. Hihihi.. Miss Ovy. By her name, yes, I never thought that she is muslimah with long hijab :D.
    Wish you luck, Mbak Ruli.. I wait your next good story, again :)

    *sory English ku belepotan yak :D


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